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THE PILATES COMMUNITY – Connect and share with other Pilates enthusiasts of all levels, Pilates instructors and Pilates experts as well as with Pilates classes and studios. Share a Pilates article, blog, photo or video. Start a Pilates discussion. Ask a Pilates question or answer one. Post a Pilates classified or announcement. It’s free but you must stay on topic…

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Discussion started by : VortsEditor 6 years ago
The Pilates Community has just launched. Be the first to add your Blogs, Videos, etc. Thanks - James Posted at : http://www.vorts.com/pilates

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6 years ago
Thank you for adding us to this discussion! coe-dynamics.com will be actively participating on this site! :]

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6 years ago
Hi everybody! I'm a licensed PT and PMA certified Pilates instructor with a passion for working with the mature demographic. In addition to running my private studio in Mtn View, CA I also teach and lecture at Stanford University. I'll be presenting on this topic at the upcoming PMA conference in Las Vegas on Sat. morn. Nov. 10. Would love to connect with you! Here's my blog: http://pilateswteresa.blogspot.com and my website: www.pilateswithteresa.com ~Teresa

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