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Davison Cheney is a bit of a know-it-all. He likes to write and has been called a creative conjugation-er. He appreciates anything that gets his kids out of the house – like football and lawn-mowing. He hopes to do well enough as a writer to get his teeth fixed and buy a really good air conditioner. Davison loves his wife, and sometimes still has a hard time saying so. Writing about being Mormon and a dad isn’t something he thought he’d ever do. “I thought I’d lost the chance to make much of a difference,” he says. “But overcoming stupid decisions fortunately is something I do well. I am a Mormon dad. I only want to change the world.”
Name: Davison Cheney
Member Since : 2012-10-15
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Web site : http://davisoncheneymegadad.blogspot.com/
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I write the Prodigal Dad column weekly on KSL.com

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