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A Blog from : SarahL 6 years ago
Posted at : http://www.vorts.com/american_brittanys


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6 years ago
We have 8 new Brittany puppies for sale in the Columbus, Ohio area. For more info, photos, and contact details, visit our blog.

A Photo Album from : Wammer 6 years ago
Some of My Favorite Brittany Pics Posted at : http://www.vorts.com/american_brittanys
Wow these were easy to post!
Discussion started by : Wammer 6 years ago
When did the name change to "American Brittany" and why? Posted at : http://www.vorts.com/american_brittanys

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6 years ago
I don’t know that I can answer your question, but here’s some information. The Brittany was imported in to America in the 1930s. However, the American . TheBrittany of today is a much different dog than that which was imported and from today’s French Brittany. Either may be registered with the AKC. In America people wanted a less stocky dog and one that would run in larger fields than those from Europe French Brittany is typically stocker, smaller, and closer working dogs than the American are Brittany. The Brittany standard does not allow any black in the coat or a black nose, which are prominent in many French Brittanys. French Brittanys may compete in AKC performance events, but not allowed in the show ring. Due to the differences in conformation, field performance, and color, American and French Brittanys are rarely interbred. The website. In 1980 The American Brittany can be various combinations of Orange, White, Liver, Tri colored or roans. The American Brittany standard can be found on the American Brittany Club Brittany name was officially changed with the AKC from Brittany Spaniel simply to Brittany; primarily due to the fact that spaniels are flushing breeds and Brittanys are a pointing breed. American Brittanys celebrate having the most Dual Champions of any breed with over 600 Dual Champions (Show and Field Championships)

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