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Join Communities. Ask Questions. Get Answers. Start Discussions. Share Your Articles, Blogs, Photos and Videos. Post Your Classified Ads, Events and Daily Deals. Connect with Others that Share your Passions.
About Us


Vorts.com is more than a just a Social Network; it is growing network of independent yet interconnected topic-specific Social Communities.

Members may join as many communities as they want where they can Ask and Answers Questions, Start and Join Discussions, Post or Write Blogs and Articles as well as Post Classified Ads, Photos, Videos and Events based on that community’s topic.

Each member is assigned a ‘Member Page’ where they can add a Personal and Business Profile, a Link to their Website as well as manage all of their contributions.

They are also given a ‘Message Box’ to communicate directly with other members.



A Social Community is a topic specific Social Network where people with the same interests, passions, lifestyles, locations, accreditations, situations, professions, expertise and even hairstyles form communities, contribute topic specific content, share information and interact with other members.


All member contributions contain a link to that their ‘Member Page’.

So, the more you contribute, the more exposure you get. So, the more exposure you get, the more traffic you get. 

So simple.



' Vorts '  is short for the word ' vortals ' .  The word  ' Vortal ' is an internet buzzword and is the combination of the words ' vertical ' and ' portal '.

A vortal is an internet community (a social community) organized around a specific topic or niche. 

WebMD™ (Health), iVillage.com™ (Women), Ancestry.com™ (Genealogy) and theKnot.com™ (Weddings) are all examples of individual vortals or social communities.

vorts.com is an ever expanding network of individual yet interconnected Social Communities (vortals).